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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Order


Our Factory and Display


Are the coffee trailers in stock?

All our trailers are made to order; each business requires different equipment and layout, so keeping trailers in stock isn’t feasible.

We always have different trailers at the factory that we are working on, some are display models, some are customers’ trailers in various stages of production, so there is always plenty to look at if you’d like to visit us at 10 Mayfield Street, South Murwillumbah NSW.


Do you have a showroom I can come to see the coffee trailers?

Our factory and display is 10 Mayfield Street, South Murwillumbah NSW.  We are open Mon-Fri 8-4pm and can often organise a viewing Saturday mornings by prior arrangement.  Delivery Australia wide from our factory is super easy, we offer delivery for all of our models.

You are welcome to come and have a look at our trailers in person.  A lot of our customers fly interstate, fly into the Gold Coast airport and drive 20 minutes south to Murwillumbah – a very straight forward route and a nice way to spend a weekend on the Gold Coast whilst being productive for work!  Fly on the Friday after work, pre organize to view the trailers on the Saturday morning, spend the weekend and fly home Sunday in time for work.


Where is the nearest airport to your factory?

We’re around a 20 minute drive south from the Gold Coast airport.  It’s an easy drive down to the factory, lots of our customers fly in for the day (or weekend) to visit in person.  If you cant make it to the factory, no problems, we have video tours of all our trailers on our website.

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How long will it take for delivery?

We manufacture each trailer to order, as every customer needs different equipment and layouts to suit their business, so it’s not just a case of delivery timeframes, but manufacture timeframes as well.  Some trailers have signwriting, some require specially ordered appliances, so there are many variables in there that can affect your delivery timeframe, as well as your physical location. 

All our trailers are tested and have an extensive pre delivery check completed prior to shipping to ensure your trailer is delivered in top working order. 

For an accurate ETA, please drop us an email at office@coffeetrailerking.com.au or call us on 1300 727 544, we can let you know what we have available and when we can book it onto the specialised truck for delivery. 

Want to see more of how our delivery works, click here


Can I pick it up myself?

Yes, many people collect their coffee trailers directly from our factory, 10 Mayfield Street, South Murwillumbah NSW.   

You’re more than welcome to pick up your trailer yourself and get a run down of the equipment face to face.  We are open Mon- Fri 8-4pm.


Where do you deliver to?

Delivery is simple and easy, no matter where you’re located in Australia.  We only use select carriers that have specialised trucks set up to allow unloading without the need of a forklift. 

Please send us an email at office@coffeetrailerking.com.au or give us a call to discuss delivery options for your address.

Want to see more of how our delivery works, click here


What is the delivery cost?

Delivery cost varies with location, though we have a cost-effective solution via the fleet of specialist trucks.  Please shoot us an email at office@coffeetrailerking.com.au give us a call and we are able to provide pricing for your coffee trailer and delivery over the phone.



Council Approval and Licensing


Do the trailers come with council approval?

We guarantee council compliance on all our trailers.  Whilst you will need to apply for council approval for your trailer in your own name, our team of experienced staff will be on hand to assist and walk you through the process every step of the way.


How do I get approved by council?

Each local council has its own trade regulations and approval process, so each process will be slightly different, as are the requirements for council.  For example, some councils require 3 sinks, some 4.  We guarantee council compliance on all our trailers, and our staff will help you through the process every step of the way.


Where am I allowed to trade?

Again, as each council is different, each will have their own set of regulations regarding where you are allowed to trade.  This is to keep fair trade between mobile coffee businesses (food and coffee trucks and trailers) and fixed food businesses (cafes and restaurants).  For advice specific to your council, we suggest calling your local council and having them send through their regulations so you can plan where you want to trade.  For example, on private land, events and markets, or roadside.


What’s the difference between the different types of council approvals?

In general, councils have 3 types of approval – private land, events and markets, and roadside.  The regulations for each vary slightly from council to council (we recommend calling your council to get a copy of their specific regulations) but the approvals are self-explanatory.
Private land permit – you are able to trade on private land with the landowner’s permission. 


Can I trade from my home?

If you are aiming to trade from your own property, you can talk to the council regarding a private land permit which allows you to trade from your land, or another owner’s property (with the owner’s permission).  This can include residential and commercial properties, provided that it meets your local council’s regulations.  As each council in Australia has slightly different regulations, you are best to call them direct and have them send through the regulations specific to your circumstances so you can ensure you are compliant.


Can I travel around Australia and trade?

Lots of people dream of towing a trailer behind them to fund their travelling – what an adventure! You will require the correct council permits for all councils you choose to trade in, so will need to plan ahead a little.  Most people travelling with their trailer will opt for one of three scenarios –

  1. Roadside permits so they’re able to pull up when it suits (within their council regulations)
  2. Events and markets permit to allow them to plan ahead and tour the country attending large events and sightseeing along the way
  3. Private land permit so they’re able to organise with the owner to trade outside a business such as a garden centre or service station for a period of time before moving onto their next holiday destination. This permit also allows for a smoko run / coffee run to office buildings and factories provided you are parking in their car park with permission.

This is a great idea for those taking time out to see Australia, trading and paying their expenses along the way.


Do I need insurance?

Yes, you will require public liability insurance, as well as vehicle registration and insurance for your trailer.  Our staff are able to provide you with all the documentation you require for insurance for your trailer.




Who do you use for finance?

The finance is via a broker; the criteria for applicants is that you need to be a permanent resident or citizen, and either working PAYG, or have had income on an ABN either as a sole trader or through your company.  Unfortunately Centrelink and Disability Pension do not qualify for finance.

Drop us an email at office@coffeetrailerking.com.au and we can give you a call and put you in touch with the broker to start the process.


What do I need to get finance on a trailer?

The finance is via a broker; the criteria for applicants is that you need to be a permanent resident or citizen, and either working PAYG, or have had income on an ABN either as a sole trader or through your company.  Unfortunately Centrelink and Disability Pension do not qualify for finance.  It is a very simple process, drop us an email at office@coffeetrailerking.com.au and we can give you a call and put you in touch with the broker to start the process.


How long does finance take?

Finance is simple, straightforward, takes a few minutes over the phone and you will generally get your approval very quickly once you submit your documents.  We use specialised finance brokers to take care of the finance for our customers, they are experienced with dealing with our products, which makes the process quick and easy. 

For more information about the steps to finance, please click here



Ordering a Coffee Trailer


How much deposit do I have to pay to start production?

In most cases, no deposit is required if you are financing your coffee trailer package. If you are paying directly up front, we take a deposit to prepare your order, then when your trailer is ready to send, you pay the balance. 

For more information about the steps to finance, please click here


Can I customise the equipment package?

Of course.  Our trailers are custom built for this reason – so you get your perfect trailer and you’re not paying for equipment you don’t need.  Our packages on our website include the most popular layouts, but can be adjusted to suit your business perfectly.  We can either swap equipment you wont use for something you need, or simply remove it from the package and adjust the price accordingly. 


Can I get my trailer signwritten by Coffee Trailer King?

Absolutely, we have a design team that will help with all aspects of design from your logo if you don’t yet have one, to the colour scheme and full design of the wrap.  Our team at the factory will apply the wrap so when your trailer is delivered, it’s ready to get out and making money from day 1.

Take a look at our custom signwriting gallery for ideas and inspiration for your own trailer.


Can I customise the layout?

All our trailers are built to order, so each has it’s own personalised layout and equipment package.  Once you pay your deposit to move forwards, our team will be in touch to work on the layout with you, to optimise production in your kitchen. Once you’re happy with the layout, you sign off and our team gets to work on the build.  This way your trailer is set up exactly how you want it.


How long will my order take to produce?

The build time depends on quite a few variables, including the size of the trailer, equipment you order, how long it takes to design and sign off on your layout, whether you choose to have the trailer signwritten etc. 

Our turnaround time depends on your situation; some customers need their trailers quickly, in which case we do all we can to accommodate, whereas others plan ahead and have a future date in mind.  We try to make it work for everyone, it’s just a matter of having a conversation about your exact situation so we’re able to work together towards your preferred date.  Whilst in production our team will keep you updated with photos and videos as your order progresses.